Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me=not so crafty.

Things I would make if I were more crafty and a lot less lazy.

These nail polish racks would be fantastic to have in my bathroom so I could see my growing collection right in front of me.

Supposedly these are just spice racks that were painted...
 These garlands are so flippin cute! they would be great for a party or something but I just want to hang them all over my room :)
This Photo backdrop is soo cool. And I actually am going to make this. I am using the term "I" very loosely though. I am just buying the supplies and my dad is actually gonna build it for me, Lord knows I don't need to be anywhere near a saw and apparently you have to use one to make this.

I wish I had a pretty mantel to put these candle holders on because doesn't it look sooo pretty??
It totally does.

Even as un crafty as I am I think I could handle making the feather lanterns, how do you go wrong throwing a bunch of feathers in a mason jar and sticking a flameless candle inside?? Well knowing me I would probably mess it up.

Are any of you doing any crafting lately? You should just make two of whatever it is you are making and send me one and then I can tell people I made it.
Jk I wouldn't do that.
But you can still totally make me something ;)


Monday, November 28, 2011

Have a laugh.

Its monday and no one is a fan of mondays right? 

So here is something to make you laugh and get you through the week.

I think they were pretty accurate in how a stereotypical girl would act, am I right??
Either way its a Hilarious video.

So anyone wanna share an ice cube, maybe a small one??!?!??

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Back :)

My sister scolded me for not posting a blog all week long so here is a quick one so she doesn't get her panties all twisted in knot about it.

As I said in my last post my friend Diane was here for thanksgiving week so we did a lot of relaxing and I didn't take many pictures of it :/ I am a terrible blogger I know, A whole week together and I think we took one pic together...oops.

I will blog about our week and thanksgiving later, for now you can look at some silly pictures of me from last weekend when we did Hula's engagement pictures :) (which I cant wait to show you!!!)
"Shopping at a fruit stand"
Don't I look super convincing as I look adoringly at the fruit and vegetables??

ahhh this food is so exciting!!!
Matching Rain boots!!
This is probably the best photo of me from that day, It got soooo windy and I was about to fly off that bench, I had to use all my strength to hold up the reflector while Breanna got some shots, needless to say we didnt stay in that spot long.
It started to rain for a second so acted as an umbrella holder. It was obviously very exciting for me.

I wish someone could have taken pictures of me while Breanna took pictures of them. Now those would have been hilarious.
We realized that we should advertise that we include entertainment with our photo shoots.
Need someone to laugh to get a good smile?
No worries, I got your back!
I will dance, tell jokes, basically do whatever it takes to make you giggle.
Even if we are taking pictures in public where other people are watching I will dance and make a fool of myself to get a good picture. 
Now picture that ;)

See you soon :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sister friend :)

Dont have time for an actual post because I am getting ready to go pick up my friend Diane from the amtrak station. 

So excited that she is spending this week with me!
We have been friends for about 5 years or so now and she is more like a sister then a friend, My mom even considers her as another daughter. 

I even have the entire week of from work, so I assume we will get into some kind of shenanigans while she is here. 
aaahhh I cant wait!
And yes that picture is very old. I think I had just turned 19.....remind me to never go that blonde again, k guys? 

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Big hair.

It's Friday so I will make this post short and sweet.

See my hair?? That stuff ain't no joke.
That picture doesn't even do my wild & crazy hair justice.

You know how in old movies and shows women would use the excuse that they had to wash their hair to get out of going on dates with guys?? 
Well I can use that excuse and not be lying.

Is it pathetic I have to schedule when I wash my hair?
Because I do.
It takes so long to do my hair after I wash it that I have to take breaks.
I envy girls that can just blow dry their hair and go on about their day.
I would scare people if I did that. 

I have never even had a hairdresser be able to blow dry my hair straight, poor hairdressers, I think they get frustrated when they have to style my hair, as do I every single time I wash it.
Anyone else got Hair problems?
Tell me about it!
I can obviously sympathize!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review of my weekend.

Thought I would finally show you guys what last weekend looked like for me, considering its almost next weekend and everything. I'm a procrastinator if you haven't realized it yet.

Thanks to our veterans I had Friday off! Hello 3 day weekend! I am so thankful I had 3 whole days off so I could rest a little bit since I was sick.
But even though I was sick I didn't let it stop me from having fun!
This is what I wore on Friday, Bet you cant guess how much I paid for that dress!
Yep, I found the jackpot on target clearance racks a few weeks ago and ended up buying 4 dresses that were all $6 or less!
I am such a cheapskate so I felt like I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I found these deals.
Friday night a few of us went to Tepinkaki to Celebrate Zip's (soon to be mommy!) birthday.
Omg Tepinyaki is so super yummy! 
Breanna was squealing in delight because she was so excited we were eating tepinyaki.
We take food very seriously.

Unfortunately Zip had to work super early in the morning so she and her husband had to go home after dinner but the rest of us decided to go see "Crazy, Stupid, Love" at our $3 theater. 
An hour and half of Ryan Gosling?? Ok.
He is so flipping handsome. 
And the way he dressed in the movie was sooo attractive.
Except for the ring bling, I could have done with out the ring bling. But If i had to choose Ryan gosling with ring bling or no Ryan gosling at all, bring on the bling.
On Saturday my mom and I decided to go thrifting since we hadn't been in a while.
It was a total fail. Didn't find a thing.
I am always amazed at what they are selling at thrift stores sometimes.
Although there probably is that special person desperately searching for a statue of an amazon woman riding a dragon and an adult winnie the pooh sweater.
Saturday evening Breanna and I shot some Christmas photos for some of our good friends, We were trying really hard to make them laugh and they ended up making us laugh the whole time. I told them I am just gonna start taking them on photoshoots with me to entertain everyone and make all those stubborn non smiling people smile!

We also had a game night and played phase 10 which I of course won. 
But of course I won. Did you expect anything less??

Sunday I woke up feeling worse then I had felt all week so I stayed in my room allllll day long.
And since I woke up at 630 am and couldn't fall asleep until after 11 it was a very long day.
Phase ten on my phone is all that kept me sane.

I am very excited for this coming weekend because my friends and I are going to the winter Jam!
Its a bunch of christian musicians that come together to put on one awesome show. I cant wait!
We also have Hulas engagement shoot to do on Sunday and I am so excited about it because we are such good friends that I can be that person that's like, "K. good face........wait no. Probably shouldn't make THAT face." You know what I mean?
Anyways hope you all had a great weekend and are as exciting for this weekend as I am!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Confession.

I hate taking medicine.

This is what my diet looked like on Thursday.
Soup and cough drops.
I am a weirdo and have this aversion to taking medicine when I am sick.
I think I will come out stronger if I just let my body fight it off itself, and medicine just kind of freaks me out. 
Idk when I started feeling this way because as a kid I had a lot of headaches and would pop pills like it was my job. I remember being proud that I could swallow pills when other kids my age still had to take chewables. Yep these are the types of things I took pride in my friends...
But now, getting me to take medicine is quite an ordeal, I ended up taking medicine just a couple times over the weekend because my mom kept suggesting it.
I don't think it helped.
So I didn't take anymore.
And guess what?
Its now Tuesday and although I am not completely better, I feel pretty great compared to this weekend!
I think in just a day or two I will be completely back to normal :)
My younger sister apparently is the same way.
I am sure the only reason she doesnt like medicine either is because of me. 
You know how little sisters are...they wanna be just like their big sis ;)
And I am a pretty amazazing big sis so it totally makes sense ;)

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?
I understand if you don't want to admit you feel the same way, it is pretty weird.
And in case you are wondering I hate going to the doctor as much as I hate taking medicine.
I am afraid they might stab me with a needle when I walk in the door.
Its crazy, I know.
But I'm crazy.
Ya' feel me??

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Talk.

So normally on mondays I tell you about what I did during the weekend but I realized that there is something I wanted to write about that I hadn't yet.

My friend Zip is Pregnant!

I thought I would tell you about my reaction when she first told Breanna and I.

We were walking to in n out last weekend and as we walk up she very nonchalantly tells us that she was pregnant. 
Let me just start by saying that for some reason at that moment we were walking in a straight line so she was behind us when she said it.
So anyways she tells us right as we walk up to the outdoor seating to in n out, so there were quite a few spectators that got to encounter my crazy reaction.
When she tells us I immediately turned around and pointed straight at her and called her a liar!
I called my friend a Liar as she was trying to tell me she was pregnant.
Who does that??
I do. 
And this is why.
I don't take people being pregnant lightly.
I think its one of the most exciting happiest moments of a persons life like ever. Yep I just said "like ever". get over it.
Normally I joke about everything, Like stuff you are supposed to take seriously and not joke about, I am usually making jokes about it.
But I don't joke about babies.
So when she told us she was pregnant i guess i had to make sure she wasn't messing with me.
She wasn't.
She finally pulled out the sonogram to prove to me that she wasn't lying.
But i would be lying if i said i wasn't still a tad bit skeptical.
Have you seen baby mama??? You can get a sonogram of anything off the Internet!
Anyways, I finally decided she was telling the truth and then ended up crying in excitement.
And then we did the whole screaming "I am so excited" lets hug thing.
It was pretty epic.

Later that night we went back to the apartment and Breanna got her baby name book out and we went to town.
of course the person who isnt married owns a baby name book and the person who IS married and pregnant doesn't.
That book was also purchased at the beginning of the year when none of our friends were in sight of being pregnant anytime soon.
I may also have like 3 or 4 baby name apps on my phone right now too.
I have all my future babies named and some.
We just like to be prepared.

I already cant wait to find out what they are having so I can start shopping!

Any of your friends having babies??
Isn't it super exciting??

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fresno county represent.

I am sick.
Woke up this morning with a sore throat and nasty cough. 
I should have seen it coming, I always, always get sick when the seasons change. never fails. 
So I don't really have anything to talk about today and that's why there are pictures of me standing next to graffiti.
You mean you all weren't dying to see me standing next to a beautiful piece of graffiti making a ridiculous face?
My bad.

Btw picture was not taken in Fresno county and that's exactly why I took the picture.
I found this on a wall in Hollister while I was doing my cousin's senior pictures. 
I thought it was kind of funny that someone found it necessary to tag this cute little restaurant in this tiny little town with "Fresno county" and some other gang slang that I don't understand. If you are gonna tag at least make it pretty k?!?
some people....
And speaking of senior pictures I thought I would give you guys a little sneak peak of them because lets be honest, this blog could use a cute face on it every once in a while :)

and just one more for good measure ;)

And lets all pray that I get better because I have a very busy weekend ahead! Thanks friends!

Ps. The pictures of me are super bright because My cousin decided it was fun to play with my reflectors while my mom snapped these of me and meanwhile almost blinding me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Favorites :)

As if I don't have enough shows I watch already, there are a few new ones I have discovered this fall and am really enjoying.

And since I like them and my opinion is the only one that matters I will share them with you so you can also fall in love :)

Warning: Do not start watching these unless you have time to devote to them because you will get hooked!
 Trust me!

 Pan Am.
This is probably my favorite new show this fall.
It has really made me contemplate seriously becoming a stewardess.
But then I come back down to earth and realize that its not really as glamorous as they make it seem on the show and all the pilots aren't as handsome as Dean and Ted.
I would totally date Ted if he was a real person. If you actually watch this you probably would have thought I would have said Dean because he is the obvious "hottie" of the show, but no, totally in love with Ted.

I also love all the fashion on this show, they always look fabulous, even when they are supposed to look "frazzled"
I am pretty sure sweats hadn't even been invented for women back then yet, and if they were, it obviously wasn't acceptable to wear them in public like we other people do now.

 New Girl.
I feel like I shouldn't have to explain why this show is so great.
First of all Zoey Deschanel is in it. That should be enough convincing right there but I will go on...
This quirky girl who sings her own theme song catches her bf cheating on her and finds herself living with these 3 guys who all have their own issues which are individually also hilarious.
My favorite line of the show so far is "you got some schmidt on your face!!"
Please just do yourself a favor and go watch it.
Oh and one more thing, they have something at their apt called a "douche bag jar" and every time one them does something of the nature they have to put a dollar in.
I think every apt that has a bunch of guys living together should have this!


I love this show because not only is the main actress just downright funny on her own, each of the individual characters are also super funny on thier own.
I don't even know what to say about this show really except that I am laughing the entire way through it on every episode and you will be too.
I am pretty sure that some of the lines are totally improv.
Which makes it even better.
In one episode the girls are at a club trying to take some pictures to put on their facebook and one of the girls tells the other girl to go pose with people of different ethnicity's because "white people aren't cool anymore" omg. I died laughing.
Seriously just go check it out.

Well those are my new favorite shows this fall, but don't worry I have not abandoned my #1 favorite show which is Law and Order:SVU. These are just some new ones I have been enjoying recently.

Have you guys been watching any of these? Or are there any others you are enjoying??
Let me know :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rumors, Rumors..

This was me getting ready for church last night.
If you already saw this on my instagram or read my tweet last night you can go ahead and feel free to stop reading because I am just going to rant about why I look mad in this picture again.

The rumors are true. I am slowly turning into an old granny.
I cant hardly keep my eyes open past 930 anymore.
I had a girls night on Saturday and my eyes started feeling heavy and I was convinced that it had to be at least midnight. It was about 9.

Then right before this picture was taken I was just going about my normal business of getting ready for church when something caught my eye.
My first Grey hair!
Its like it came out of nowhere!
So naturally I did exactly what I was told not to do and pulled those suckers out!

Then this morning I found even more! 
I am pretty sure grey hairs are like the hydras from Greek mythology and when you cut off one of its heads, two grow back in its place.
They are called hydras right? 
I am probably wrong, I really love Greek mythology but I have a horrible memory, so feel free to enlighten me in my wrongness, promise I wont be offended.

So now all of you can say you are friends with a 24 year old Grandma!
I've come to terms with it though, everyone loves grandmas anyways right?


Ps. speaking of rumors...anyone else hear about the girl claiming to have given birth to Justin Bieber's baby?
Downright outrageous I tell you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A visit to my Childhood :)


You are probably wondering why there is a picture of Doris Day up above right??

We will get to that in a minute.

In case you didn't catch on in a few of my earlier posts, my parents moved houses last week, and since I live with them, so did I. 
I love my new room :) but that's besides the point.
We have now lived there a week without cable or Internet.
Crazy right??
Idk how I have survived.
And to think that I have to go another whole week without it is even crazier.
Although its kind of annoying not to have it, I realized how much more I get done without it. 
But  no I am not gonna be one of those people who now goes without it because I have realized how much more productive I am since its been gone. Not happening.
so anyways...geez I get sidetracked so easily. seriously you should try having a real conversation with me....its a little bit frustrating sometimes.

Since we don't have cable or Internet we can only watch dvds right now to keep us entertained on our down time. 
But if I want to watch a movie in my room i can only watch vhs movies because I am lame and don't have a dvd player in there.
Now here comes the explanation of the Doris Day photo.
Last night I went through our vhs's and grabbed a few to take to my room, i picked a random one (on moonlight bay with Doris day) and stuck it in and right then my love for musicals and old movies as a child was rekindled.


I didn't watch typical movies kids my age watched growing up.
I mean some I did, obviously I LOVE the TMNT movies. Duh. Who doesn't??
But I loved old movies. 
Grease has always been my favorite. I have it on vhs, dvd and own the soundtrack. Yeah, its love.

I also had a bit of a romance with the movie great balls of fire. Yep the movie about the guy who married his 13 year old cousin. I think I watched that movie everyday for a while, I can literally picture myself sitting on the floor just enthralled by this movie. Don't ask me why. I am telling you I was a weird kid.

I had a special place in my heart though for Doris Day movies. Especially Calamity Jane, that was my favorite Doris day movie. I have actually only seen a few of her movies because I would just watch the same ones over and over and over again. Seriously, ask my mom.
I just think she is fantastic, and her movies are even more fantastic.

So I just bore you with all this useless information to tell you how I wasn't a very normal child, and my goal now is to own all the Doris Day movies.

I just shared a tidbit of my movie obsessions with you, I could go on for days about all the old movies I love and why I love them, but I don't want to send the people who actually read my blog heading for the hills.

Are there any old movies you guys are obsessed with or still are?
Tell me I wasn't the only one who enjoyed a good song and dance as a child!


ps. I am aware that great balls of fire probably wasn't that old when I was in 4th grade, but I just had to include it because I think its super weird that I loved love it so much.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Through the eyes...

of two 8 year olds.

While I was in Hollister I let my cousins use my point and shoot camera to take whatever pictures they wanted. 

Here is what they captured:

They kept saying they were going around taking secret pictures of people, I chose not to put a bunch of pictures on here of people I didnt know though.
Is it sad that they are 8 years old and I still cant tell them apart most of the time?
I usually just memorize what they are wearing that day and tell them apart that way.
I am a horrible cousin I know.
Maybe when they are 9 I will be able to tell them apart.
Probably not though.

They randomly asked me when I was gonna have babies.
I told them after I find a husband, and they told me I need to hurry up and find a husband then.
Which btw they are always on the lookout for me for one ;)
Then their mom told me after I get married I wasn't allowed to wait to have kids that I had to start right away. 
So here's to hurrying up and having babies! lol!


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