Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My current favorite funny girl: Rebel Wilson.

Am I really writing a blog post dedicated specifically to the hilarity that is Rebel Wilson?
Yes, yes I am, because she is that funny.

First of all before you read or watch any further please tell me you have seen pitch perfect. It's ok if you haven't watched it 20 times like I have, just at least once, so you can appreciate her character Fat Amy, or Fat Patricia as we learn later on in the movie.

Also just in case there is the smallest chance that she might read this:
"Rebel! Lets be Bff's! You are probably the coolest most funny person I've never met!"

K now on to the funny.

So did you know that her and her co star Matt Lucas from Bridesmaids are actual real life roommates??
Well they are.
Here is a video of her on Conan reading an angry letter they got from one of their neighbors.

And here you can learn how she decided to become an actress and also how incredibly gangster she is. Whatever gang she is in I wanna be a part of it.

And here is a great scene from pitch perfect:
And here she is actually modeling as a mermaid:

She is just fantastic, and has such an awesome name. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna name one of my kids Rebel now. She also has a sibling named Ryot, which I think is pretty darn cool too. So if I ever have twins don't be surprised when they are named Rebel and Ryot. If anyone would actually do that, I would.

So I had no real point to this post except to expose you to the amazingness that is Rebel Wilson. 
Now go search for more videos of her and watch pitch perfect if you haven't yet, trust me, you will be doing yourself a favor.

PS. thinking of doing a weekly post highlighting famous funny girls. Good idea?? Let me know :)

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Stephanie said...

I *finally* watched Pitch Perfect the other night... incredible. I hadn't seen Rebel in anything prior, and wow, just wow. How can you not love her?!
And I vote yes on the series :)

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