Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Deets.

My weekend was busy! Here is how it went down:

Right after work on friday my mom and I traveled to Hollister to spend most of the weekend with our cousins because I was going to be taking senior and family pictures for them.

On friday we went and watched my cousin Shae cheer at her homecoming game.
I love that I still have family carrying on the tradition of being a cheerleader :)
Maybe one of these days I will show you pics of me as a cheerleader. 
Maybe ;)

So here are some pics of my weekend via my cell phone.
I will have some Beautiful pictures to show you later of Shae, she was a gorgeous model!
She is related to me though so that wasn't a huge surprise ;) 
Neriah and Zoe, my twin cousins (shae's sisters) sorry for the blur but have you 
ever tried to get a clear picture of 8 year old twins? Kinda almost impossible.
 Like her older cousin Shae also has a love for the biebs. Are you surprised I took a picture with him? if you are, you obviously don't know me well enough.

My mom snapped some pics of me while I snapped pics. At some point during these pictures I think I was threatening my cousin Elijah that I was gonna come pinch him if he didn't smile. 
If you cant get your teenage boy to smile in pictures just call me :) I think I was successful about 80% of the time :)
Taking pictures isnt always the most attractive thing is it?

I was really pleased with all of the photos I took this weekend, Hollister has some of the cutest little places to take pictures, I have a feeling I will be there in the near future for more photo shoots.

On Sunday afternoon my mom and i ended up taking a 3 hour nap because we were so exhausted. 
I am convinced naps on Sunday afternoons are the best kind. 
It is the day of rest isn't it??


Ps. We don't have Internet or cable at my new house for almost two weeks so my mom and I rented movies last night and finally found footloose!
It only took three weeks! Geez!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Follower Fest :)

Hola Friends!
We are all friends here right?!
Good. Thought so.
Today I decided to participate in my first link up!


The directions for this link up were to write a post on fall, Halloween, recipes, costumes or to just introduce yourself.

I live in the hot central valley so our fall is just barely getting started. We don't really get all four seasons here, its fall for like a week and then bam! its winter.
 So I don't have much to say about fall...yet.

I don't really ever do anything for Halloween. I refuse to spend money on costumes and never have anywhere to where one anyway. So those subjects are out.

And I don't cook. 
So I guess I am left with introducing myself!

Well if you read my blog regularly then you probably already read my about me page or have learned about me through my posts, but if this is your first time reading my blog then here ya go!

  • I like to make people laugh. But who doesn't right?? If you are one of those people who don't, I would like to meet you. And then make you laugh.
  •  I do photography on the weekends with my best friend. Started out as a hobby and then people wanted to start paying us, so we were like OK!
  • I am a 13 year old trapped in a 24 years old body. I might have a blanket with the Jonas brothers faces on it and a Justin Bieber toothbrush.
  • I am the oldest of 4 children. Except everyone thinks I am the youngest. The shock on peoples faces when they find out I am 24 and they thought I was 17 is the best. (crossing my fingers that this will still be a problem when I am 30 and people will think I am 23!)
  • I hate seeing people brush their teeth. makes me gag. 
  • I don't eat cake or ice cream. No I am not trying to be healthy, I just don't enjoy it. Its not gross, its just not good. 
  • I love make-up and anything Beauty related. You should see the list of beauty blogs and youtube beauty gurus I am subscribed to. Ridiculous. 
  • Just like Frenchie in the movie grease (fav. movie btw) I am also a Beauty school dropout. Weird since I love beauty right? Yeah I love it as a hobby, decided it isn't something I ever wanted to do as a job. 
 Well I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better, that is if I didn't bore you to tears before you made it this far ;)

And If I didn't bore you then go ahead and click that follow button!
Thanks for stopping by friends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am moving again this week and dont have the brain power to come up with an actual post today so here are some pictures I shot of the cutest little boy.
He was such a good sport, didn't even get fussy until about an hour 1/2 in!

He loved sticking his tongue out at us!

Now off to finish moving for the 3rd time in the past year! yay!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Football and lots of coffee :)

I am probably the most horrible blogger/picture taker ever you guys.
I kept forgetting to pull my camera out and take pictures all weekend, So I only got a few :(
Here are a bunch of random camera and iphone pics that I did get to show you proof that I did go to a flag football Tournament this weekend.
Enjoy :)

It got a little bit chilly and windy for a bit and Breanna's scarf came in quite handy, it even served as a shawl for a while. The boys kept telling her she looked like Mary from the bible. Yeah they were probably right since we know what she looked like. I'm sure those large glasses were pretty hip in bible times.
And of course every picture I took of Breanna and I was blurry.
The ocean decided to create a lake in the middle of all our football Fields during the night.
 Our girls in a serious huddle.
We actually got a really cute color for our team shirts this year, haven't been to impressed with past years colors :/
Our girls in the teal getting ready to kick some major lime green UCLA butt.
Our girls were seriously beasts out there. I mean as beastly as you can get in flag football that is.
We ended up winning our first two games which is way better then we have done in the past, maybe next year we can take the whole tournament!

Usually at the end of the day there is a closing ceremony of sorts where everyone has dinner together and they have a speaker and some worship and you get to fellowship with your fellow brothers and sisters. 
We have gone every year but this year we decided we were to old. 
Instead we went and had coffee in downtown SLO at the cutest coffee shop ever called cruzburgs.
Seriously if you are ever in the area you need to check this place out, it had such an at home/comfy/I could sit here forever and have you make me insane amounts of coffee vibe. 

They had old books everywhere that you could buy. I was an over achiever and decided to read a rather large book in a different language. Of course I wasn't actually reading, but you know that ;) I just had to get a cute picture :)
And I promise I am wearing shorts ;)
I love how they had random twilight books mixed in with a bunch of older books.
Look at that art work! I'm thinking of stealing it for my living room...

They had such pretty coffee :)
Seriously though, doesn't it look like we are just sitting in someones living room??

All in all we had a great weekend, I am sad to say that this was probably my last year attending :(
There are some people I only see once a year and its at this event so that's a little sad but I will be moving on to bigger and better things next year....which I will eventually talk about later ;)

How was your weekend??
Did you visit any super cool coffee shops or watch college students play flag football on the beach?!?

Omg I totally almost forgot to show you the best picture of the weekend:
This was at the campground that is right off of the beach we were at.
I thought this was a joke at first.
It wasn't.
At one point when we walked by they had a sign out inviting any single people to a potluck they were having later that night.
I think its funny that the initials for this group spell out "low" because I think you do have to feel pretty low about yourself to join a group that goes by that name.

I hate sand.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking back.

 Today I am heading over to Pismo beach for the Annual AGO Pismo flag football tournament .

If I remember correctly (which is very rare) this will be my 4th year in a row attending.
Oh and in case you were wondering, no. I don't actually play in it.
I am one of those girls that screams on the sidelines.
I even have a picture to prove it.
But I cant find it :(
So you will just have to use your imagination :)

So I thought I would show you some pictures from past trips to pismo/slo

There are several Hilarious stories to go along with all of these pictures but you will just have to trust me on that because it would take way to long to tell them all. 

Oh and all of these pictures are at least 2 or 3 years ago, I couldn't find any more recent ones, my tagged photos on facebook failed me today :/

Corolla Cuddlefest:
See Hula in the left hand corner? She was making sure we weren't gonna die.
Why? Because I was switching lanes and taking a picture at the same time. NBD.
We stopped at this diner to go the bathroom and these guys wanted to meet all of us.
We must have looked like celebrities ;)
They asked us if we were headed to the mountains.
Yeah, we usually wear our swimsuits when we are going to hang out in the woods.
We almost had to sleep in the car. Which is why we named the trip corolla cuddlefest.
What? Don't you give all your trips titles??
In case you were wondering, which I am sure you totally were...we were actually kinda excited about sleeping in the car.
Ninja toes!

Five Cent Bus Ride:
 Isn't this how everyone goes to cross the street?!?
Our friend Kyle was a city bus driver so it was a no brainer to to make time to ride his bus around town for a little while as part of our trip.
Kyle decided to take a nap. So we decided to tape his doors shut and be super quiet and sneaky about it.
Except we weren't super quiet or sneaky and apparently tape doesn't hold a door shut :(

The End :)

Pictures from this weekend's trip to come soon!


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