Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 I'm coming for ya!

Do we all remember my New year's eve post last year??
Probably not.
So go ahead and click here and take a looksie real quick if you would like.

So now that you have been caught up on what my goals/resolutions were last year lets talk about which ones I actually accomplished shall we??

My goals for 2012 were...
1. Meet my husband.
-Ha! negative. Did not accomplish that. Unless maybe I have met him but just don't know he is supposed to be my husband, but I'm still gonna go with a big fat no.

2.Go another year w/out drinking soda.
-Boom. done.

3.Eat healthier.
-Lets be honest, we all laughed last year when I wrote that.

4.Ride my bike more then once.
-I think I rode it once. maybe twice. So big fail.

5.Try and read 2 books a month or at least one.
- I didn't necessarily read 2 a month but I read at least 12 I think so yes I accomplished it! Go Me!

6.Work out.
-Well I finally got a gym membership. Worked out for about 2 weeks. Still paying for it so I plan on starting again. They just opened a new gym down the street from my house so I really have no more excuses. I just hate working out.

7.Try new restaurants.
-Yep! yum!

8.Read my bible everyday.
-This is the goal I am most upset about not accomplishing. I did really well for a few months and then like every other time I try to discipline myself I slowly fall out of routine. Don't get me wrong I still read my bible I just didn't do it every single day of 2012.

9. Volunteer more.
-Started volunteering in the nursery at church and have also been serving at the poverello house recently. If this isn't a goal for you for next year I suggest you add it to your list. Volunteering your time is good for the soul.

10.Attempt at crafting things.
-eh not really. I'm just not a crafter and I should really come to terms with it.

11.Learn more about photography.
-I did some but definitely could spend more time studying it and practicing.

12.Get a tattoo.
-yes! Finally did it! And so glad I did :)

I'm not going to write another list out for next year because well whoever is reading this probably could care less, and I am just going to carry most of the ones from last year into 2013.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe new year's eve, Ill be ringing it in by being the 5th wheel with my besties! No better way right?? I think not.

See you all next year!

Bottom left picture is what's gonna snag me a husband this year.
I guarantee it ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long time no blog :(

Oh hey there.
So I just realized recently I haven't blogged in about 3 months.
Talk about dropping the ball.

I decided instead of trying to back track about what I've been up to that I would just start fresh in the new year.
That is as long as the world doesn't end here in a couple days.

So here's where I need your help.
I want to have my blog actually designed by someone but I think I want a new name. Or should I stick with the one I have?

And if I did change the name of my blog what should it be?
If you have any ideas please throw them at me!
Not literally though, you can just leave a comment with your clever ideas below :)

And with that said I leave you with an awkward picture of me posing in front of a statue at my High school.

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