Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer nights.

A typical summer night always consists of having your good friend come over and cook a huge elaborate meal for you and your family right?

Probably not but I am blessed to have a good friend who loves to cook and even better is good at it!
Seriously, if you are looking for a personal chef, Leslie is your girl!

Every once in a while she comes over and cooks dinner for my family just because she enjoys it.
And we are always so thankful because its always really, really yummy!

While she cooked me and my sister grabbed my camera and documented the evening.

Calamity kept us company in the kitchen. aka stayed on our heels begging for food.

Then of course me and my sister went outside for a mini photoshoot, which basically happenes every time we pull out the camera.

suprise suprise I actually helped!
Ok I just wrapped the shrimp in bacon for the skewers but still.
Always on instagram :)

 And was as yummy as it all looked :) we even had leftovers for a couple days.

So Leslie when are you cooking for us again ;)???


Sunday, June 24, 2012

A girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous :)

And I think these girls nailed it.
In my clothes though of course ;)

a couple weeks ago Aubrey and Hailey came and spent a couple days at my house. 
If you follow me on instagram then you saw that they gave my sister and I a make over, which was obviously fabulous. Then they gave themselves a makeover in our clothes and Jewelry.

We recently made our extra bedroom into one big closet for my sister and I and they had a blast playing store in it. 
After they went home I found post it notes on all my clothes and shoes with price tags lol. 
I also couldn't find some of my things for a few days, its ok, they were having to much fun to have to tell them to stop. 

After they got dressed they came and told me "We live in London and only ride in Limos"
Oh what a life!
Large pink claw clips are in high demand when trying to be "classy"
Little feet in my big girl shoes ;)
And of course red lipstick is a must.

Aubrey grabbed my journal and said  "Ooo take a picture of me like this" I think its super cute. 
So then Hay had to have a similar picture...she went with more of a studious pose though.

Ever heard the phrase "Beauty is pain" ??
ha ha but as you can see above the pain doesn't last long ;)

The girls didn't need a playhouse, they just used my dad's tool shed as one.

The pretty little ladies had to call their life in London short when they were called inside the house for dinner ;)

Hailey's mom came over that night to cook my whole family dinner, she is an amazing cook (the only reason we keep her around) Kidding Leslie!

I'll have another blog post on that later though, for now I'm out!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

That time I went to my first Baseball Game.

It's a good thing I don't have to many readers on this thing because I totally fail at blogging!
Look at me blogging about something that happened over a month ago!
Lets be real though, I am even surprised I am getting this blogged at all.

Last month my cousin sent us some tickets to go enjoy a local baseball game, and if you read my title have already figured out it was my first ever baseball game. 

Unless you count that time I went to a baseball game my senior year of high school sporting matching shirts w/ my best friend supporting our guy friend who was on the team only to find him sitting in the stands laughing as we walked up because he forgot to tell us he quit the team.
(I wish I had made that story up, but sadly it is very, very true)

So this time I decided on a shirt that supported the whole state of California, just to be safe.
Not really, it just happened to be the shirt I picked to wear that day ;)

On top of the excitement of it being my first bball game our close family friends from Idaho were here and got to attend the game with us. 

 My dad and baby Lillie ^^^ They stayed at our house for a week and the only time my dad was able to hold her was when she was asleep.

"the California pose"
Apparently when people in Idaho are taking pictures and want to make fun of us Californians they pose like this. 
Who knew.

They guy behind us thought we wanted him in the picture with us.
I don't even know.

Oh, did you want some pictures of the actual baseball game??
I think I took like one.
I didn't pay attention the whole time.
I ate lots of garlic fries, people watched (my favorite thing to do in large public places) and laughed hysterically at the mascot shaking his other words, I had a blast.
if you notice this was just a picture i snapped before the game even started....pitching practice. ha ha.
look at those sparkly little piggies....
 Can we talk about my extremely short attention spam?? A one year old was able to focus on the game longer then I was.
Lillie and her daddy.
We like thumbs up, obvi.
Americas next top model?? no??

K so who is gonna take me to another baseball game so I can people watch some more??


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A picnic and my spirit Animal.

I found a cute Little picnic basket while thrifting one day with my mom a while back and immediately suggested my friends and I have a picnic at the park. 
Which is exactly what we did!
I planned to blog about it right after but I forgot, and then I found the photos today and thought, I should blog about that!
I'm sure there is someone reading this thinking " Omg I am so glad she blogged about that, I was wondering if she ever went picnicking!"
And to that person, You are welcome.

I love my picnic basket in case you can't tell.

So after we had our picnic and had been sitting in the park for a while I look over and right next to us was a big pile of poop!! 

Thank Goodness by the time we noticed it we had already finished eating, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves for not smelling it or noticing it the entire time we were sitting there. Right after we noticed the poop a few little kids came running past us and one of them just ran right through it.
It was one of those times where it seemed to happen in slow motion and we couldn't yell at her soon enough to stop it.
Oh well, I'm just glad it wasn't my kids poopy shoes I had to clean. 

After the picnic we did a little shopping and Hula and I made our first purchases at Sur la Table!!

We were super excited about it, and obviously had to document it right away via instagram.
You are probably dying to know what we bought right??
Of course you are.

Cookie cutters!!
Can you tell what shapes they are??
probably not because they kinda look obese.
Its a weenie dog, Lion & Unicorn.
I picked a weenie dog because we own a weenie dog duh. (I'm not the only person that refers to them as weenie dogs right??)
I picked a Unicorn because well It was a Unicorn, I don't really think I need a reason for buying a Unicorn shaped cookie cutter do I??
And last but not least a Lion because well If I had a spirit animal I think it would be a Lion. Mainly because when I blow dry my hair I look like one (try and tell me that's not a good enough reason, go ahead.) 

Well that's all for now folks.
Tell me, Do you ever picnic..........near poop???
And What is your spirit animal and why??
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