Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 I'm coming for ya!

Do we all remember my New year's eve post last year??
Probably not.
So go ahead and click here and take a looksie real quick if you would like.

So now that you have been caught up on what my goals/resolutions were last year lets talk about which ones I actually accomplished shall we??

My goals for 2012 were...
1. Meet my husband.
-Ha! negative. Did not accomplish that. Unless maybe I have met him but just don't know he is supposed to be my husband, but I'm still gonna go with a big fat no.

2.Go another year w/out drinking soda.
-Boom. done.

3.Eat healthier.
-Lets be honest, we all laughed last year when I wrote that.

4.Ride my bike more then once.
-I think I rode it once. maybe twice. So big fail.

5.Try and read 2 books a month or at least one.
- I didn't necessarily read 2 a month but I read at least 12 I think so yes I accomplished it! Go Me!

6.Work out.
-Well I finally got a gym membership. Worked out for about 2 weeks. Still paying for it so I plan on starting again. They just opened a new gym down the street from my house so I really have no more excuses. I just hate working out.

7.Try new restaurants.
-Yep! yum!

8.Read my bible everyday.
-This is the goal I am most upset about not accomplishing. I did really well for a few months and then like every other time I try to discipline myself I slowly fall out of routine. Don't get me wrong I still read my bible I just didn't do it every single day of 2012.

9. Volunteer more.
-Started volunteering in the nursery at church and have also been serving at the poverello house recently. If this isn't a goal for you for next year I suggest you add it to your list. Volunteering your time is good for the soul.

10.Attempt at crafting things.
-eh not really. I'm just not a crafter and I should really come to terms with it.

11.Learn more about photography.
-I did some but definitely could spend more time studying it and practicing.

12.Get a tattoo.
-yes! Finally did it! And so glad I did :)

I'm not going to write another list out for next year because well whoever is reading this probably could care less, and I am just going to carry most of the ones from last year into 2013.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe new year's eve, Ill be ringing it in by being the 5th wheel with my besties! No better way right?? I think not.

See you all next year!

Bottom left picture is what's gonna snag me a husband this year.
I guarantee it ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long time no blog :(

Oh hey there.
So I just realized recently I haven't blogged in about 3 months.
Talk about dropping the ball.

I decided instead of trying to back track about what I've been up to that I would just start fresh in the new year.
That is as long as the world doesn't end here in a couple days.

So here's where I need your help.
I want to have my blog actually designed by someone but I think I want a new name. Or should I stick with the one I have?

And if I did change the name of my blog what should it be?
If you have any ideas please throw them at me!
Not literally though, you can just leave a comment with your clever ideas below :)

And with that said I leave you with an awkward picture of me posing in front of a statue at my High school.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Recently I have become obsessed with Polka dots.
I probably already own to many things with this print, but I kind of think you can never have to much of a good thing.
Am I right?
Although I have learned that this does not apply to food. I have a tendency to find some type of food at a certain restaurant and eat it for like every other meal until I completely burn myself out on it and cant eat it for at least a year or two.
You think I'm kidding? I just ate chipotle for the first time in almost 3 years because of this very reason.
I am also currently on the outs with pita pit and Applebee's, give me until at least 2014 guys, I'll be back and eating your food, don't worry.

Now back to what's important these days: polka dots.

So here are some things I would buy if I didn't already spend all my money on eating out at the same place every week.

If I was in school I would totally be taking this backpack with me. Even though I actually didn't wear a backpack in high school because I was to cool(not really, I was actually pretty lame).
This cute scarf.

 These adorable loafers.
I love these pants but unfortunately at $190 my budget does not.
Gonna DIY them!
Yeah right. 
I will just find a cheaper version somewhere else.
 I'll just take this girls entire outfit please.

And if I actually wore heels I would totally own these! The gold bows add the perfect touch too, and even better they are clip ons! 
And then for all the rain we don't get I obviously need these rain boots with polka dot bows!
Couldn't forget some super cute polka dot baby toms for my future little girl now could I??
Could not.

Do you have an obsessive personality like I do? What are you obsessing over lately??

Now excuse me while I go find a new restaurant to burn myself out on and turn into one huge polka dot!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

That time I went to visit my friend before she moved to Miami :(

This girl ^^ who took me under her wings 6 years ago when I was just a shy 19 year old who had moved to the big city not knowing a soul is moving to Miami next week :(

So My sister and I had to take one last road trip to Los Angeles to visit her before visiting her consisted of having to buy a plane ticket. 

I am so thankful for this girl and her friendship, I would have never survived my internship had I not met her. 

^^^ Where our friendship all began; at the Los Angeles Dream Center. So grateful for the impact this place has had on my life. I wouldn't be the same person I am today had it not been for the influence this place had on me. I also wouldn't have some of my closest friends had it not been for this place :)

So On saturday when we arrived the dream center was hosting their annual back pack giveaway, so we jumped right in and stood in the sun for a few hours and helped with the carnival games.

After the giveaway we took off to the Americana to have dinner because we were starving, Thank God for the cheesecake factory and all that yummy bread they give you when you sit down, because after standing in the sun all day long we were all about to pass out. 

Then we did a little shopping around because you cant not do that while you are in la. Its just not possible. 
[morgan's got a nice cell phoned shaped butt]

 We are all about team Jef. My sister and I take team Jef pictures way to often. If you don't know what I am talking about then we can no longer be friends....or you just aren't as lame as I am and don't live your life based off of reality shows.
Oh and that's my sister in the pictures above, people think we are twins sometimes, just wanted to clear things up. We are not twins! Sometimes I feel like wearing a shirt that says that when we are together. If I had a penny for every time someone asked "Omg are you guys twins??" and then another penny for every time their jaw dropped when I told them that I was six years older I wouldn't be writing this blog right now, I would be paying someone to do it. 

 Ignore my lack of hairstyle. It looked cute that morning, but then I was in the sun, it got hot and my hair went up. 

On Sunday we went to the early service at Angeles Temple and then helped out in the children's Sunday school classes for 2nd service. Which basically consisted of me sitting there the whole time while a little girl "braided" my hair.

We had lunch at a place called "good" and yes it was very good :)
Minus the annoying girl who got plastered off of the bottomless mimosas it was a cool atmosphere and had great food.

We spent the rest of the day in old town Pasadena, I really love that area, I always forget about it when I go to la but its a really cute place to just walk around and explore. 
We found a brick wall when we stepped outside of the parking garage and took advantage of it. 
Evidence below:

I am so excited for this new season in Diane's life and cant wait to visit her in Miami!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I can rent a car on my own now aka I turned 25.

I turned 25 last month.
July 16th to be exact.
I have now been 25 for over a month.
I think my most least favorite thing someone said to me was "Happy Birthday!! Your now halfway to 50!!"
I'm pretty sure it was my sister, totally something she would say to me.

Although I have to say I had a Great Birthday this year, Like I said in my last post I got to celebrate in NC while visiting my friend Lauren. 

We first went to a restaurant for dinner with her and her husband and her brother that was super yummy. Then we walked to the place we were supposed to have to desert to find out it was closed on mondays. Just mondays. Who closes only on mondays?? Weird.

So instead we went to the most adorable bakery that I have ever seen. I wanted to steal everything they had to decorate my room with. 
Just a peek at the bakery, wish I could have taken a picture of every inch of the place!
Lauren also helped me celebrate my 22nd birthday when we were both living in La (where we became friends) by going to Bj's and having pazookies! Which is the best desert ever! 
And its also what I did with my friends when I made it back into town :)

Can we talk about how well my friends know me??
Hula got me 25 things for my 25th birthday, it was such a fun gift to open! Just a few of the things were the one direction cd (I grew up in the 90's I will never not love boy bands) the movie 17 again (how did I not own this??) and a lion stuffed animal. 
Probably not typical things you would buy for a 25 year old, but for 25 year old me they were perfect! I put the lion in my hope chest to give to my kids one day :)

Just in case you weren't aware I hate butterflies. Not actually butterflies but things with butterflies printed on them. I liked them when I was 12 but now I'm 25 and into more mature things like unicorns & Justin Bieber.

So because my best friend Loves me so much she got me a butterfly themed present.
Luckily she got me a real present that I could actually use and Zip got me something fantastic too!
A moustache shaped baking mold!
Cant wait to make something with it.
Man we really know how to have a party!
I love this picture of all of us!
I seriously have the greatest friends near and far, I am so grateful for all of them :)

I almost forgot, when my dad picked me up from the airport he had a present for me:
Ninja turtle coffee mugs!
The cooleset mugs that sit in our cabinets now.

After having a great birthday I am hoping to have an even greater year.

I am now off to plan my 30th bday. Nothing wrong with being prepared right??

Friday, August 17, 2012

That time I went to North Carolina.

So this post is way overdue.

Last month I went and visited my friend Lauren who Lives in North Carolina for a week.

I visited her almost 2 years ago when I went for her wedding and this time I went she was all cute and preggo! 
I even got to take some cute pictures of her bump which I will save for another post because there are so many cute ones :)
(yes I did just say cute 3 times in 2 sentences. sue me.)
Last time I went I think I took like 2 pictures total while I was there. Super lame. So I made an effort to pull out my camera this time around. 
And after looking at them right now I realized that I only really took pictures one day...oops.
While I was there Lauren, her mom and sister took me to Charleston and it was so adorable! They have the cutest homes there, somewhere I would definitely consider living :) 

Here are some of the pictures I took of that one day:
Lauren and her little sister Kristin, who is the most fashionable 16 year old I have ever met. She has my dream closet. Lauren and I did a photo shoot with her that turned out Gorgeous! Saving those for another post also :)
My friend is so cute! She is gonna be such a great mom!
I had so much fun while I was there, cant wait until I can visit again and get to meet the baby!!

I also turned the big 2-5 while I was there but I will do a separate birthday post since I got to celebrate twice, whoo hoo!

Now excuse me while I go rub wrinkle cream all over my face.
k bye.
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