Thursday, September 6, 2012


Recently I have become obsessed with Polka dots.
I probably already own to many things with this print, but I kind of think you can never have to much of a good thing.
Am I right?
Although I have learned that this does not apply to food. I have a tendency to find some type of food at a certain restaurant and eat it for like every other meal until I completely burn myself out on it and cant eat it for at least a year or two.
You think I'm kidding? I just ate chipotle for the first time in almost 3 years because of this very reason.
I am also currently on the outs with pita pit and Applebee's, give me until at least 2014 guys, I'll be back and eating your food, don't worry.

Now back to what's important these days: polka dots.

So here are some things I would buy if I didn't already spend all my money on eating out at the same place every week.

If I was in school I would totally be taking this backpack with me. Even though I actually didn't wear a backpack in high school because I was to cool(not really, I was actually pretty lame).
This cute scarf.

 These adorable loafers.
I love these pants but unfortunately at $190 my budget does not.
Gonna DIY them!
Yeah right. 
I will just find a cheaper version somewhere else.
 I'll just take this girls entire outfit please.

And if I actually wore heels I would totally own these! The gold bows add the perfect touch too, and even better they are clip ons! 
And then for all the rain we don't get I obviously need these rain boots with polka dot bows!
Couldn't forget some super cute polka dot baby toms for my future little girl now could I??
Could not.

Do you have an obsessive personality like I do? What are you obsessing over lately??

Now excuse me while I go find a new restaurant to burn myself out on and turn into one huge polka dot!

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