Monday, June 15, 2015

That's when everything changed for me.

I'm currently sitting here in a cute little coffee shop trying to cool down before I order a coffee. To get to this coffee shop you have to go uphill just a little bit and even after living here 4 months I am still not used to the altitude. Any type of incline and I am sweating and huffing and puffing my way up. One of the downsides of coffee shops here is that most of them don't sell any type of iced coffee, which is a bummer since its my absolute favorite. Especially after you've sweated your way into a coffee shop a nice cold coffee would be nice. So instead I'm writing this hoping I can cool off enough to enjoy a cappuccino soon.

 The last month here has sort of been a blur. I keep meaning to write a new blog every week but whenever i sit down to do it i just don't really know what to say. I am trying to savor every moment here because the end of our time is rapidly approaching. I don't feel like I need to express all the work we do here during the week but I'm afraid if you are only looking at my social media accounts then you probably think I'm here only here for an extended vacation. Some of the girls here have been asked if we are really here doing missions and taking classes. Not that I feel i need to justify my time here i just want you all to know that during the week we are working really hard. I only usually put pictures up of the fun things we do on the weekends because I'm not usually worried about getting my camera out while I am writing a brand new curriculum for our children's ministry every single week. I'm not even allowed to take pictures when we go and serve the boys at the juvenile prison. And I'm definitely not taking pictures during class.

I think the lessons I've learned here will drastically change the trajectory of my life. Have you ever had that season in your life that makes you look at everything in an entirely new light? That's what this time here in Ecuador has been for me. I think I'll be able to look back at this season and say "that's when everything changed for me." It may be slow and suttle but there will for sure be some change happening. I've gained a new found confidence while being here. I don't feel like I have to apologize for who I am or the things I want. Some people might not understand some changes I need to make and that's ok. I finally feel like I have given myself permission to do all the things I've always wanted to do.

Ps. I did finally cool off enough to enjoy that cappuccino........and also a cronut :)
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