Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Presh Engagment Sesh :)

Remember when I used to blog kind of regularly??
Yeah, me either.

I've got some pretty pictures to show you today :)
Breanna and I had the pleasure of shooting engagement pictures for my friend Serina and her fiance a couple weeks ago. 
I've known Serina since we were younger, and In high school we worked together at a local pizza place in town. I even remember when her and her Fiance started dating, he was so sweet and would always bring her Starbucks while we were at work :)

He proposed to her at this super cute bakery so of course we had to take a few pics there :)

Their daughter even joined us for a few photos, that is when she would decide to take a break from throwing the ball around with either me or Breanna. I'm pretty sure we ended up with a new buddy at the end of the shoot ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Riddle Family

A while back I drove over to Hollister (the city, not the store, I wouldn't be caught dead in there) and took some Family and Senior pictures for my cousins. 
I showed you some of the senior pictures of my cousin Shae, like this one:
Gorgeous I tell ya.
But I never showed you the family pictures I took! Well, I don't think I did, and I don't feel like going back through my archives to find out if I did or not. So if I have shown them to you just pretend this is the first time you are seeing them k??

The twins : Zoe & Neriah.
Getting my cousin Elijah to smile was a job in itself. He is a teenager now and just cannot be bothered to flash me his pearly whites unless of course I am behind the camera making him laugh or threatening to hit him upside the head if he doesn't give me at least one grin. Most of his pictures looked more like this:

I love these pictures I got of Keith and Jeanine (the parents btw) they came out so nice!

And now for the whole family:

Don't you just love that face??

This was taken in their vineyards right next to their house :)
Don't you love the color of their barn??

Well I had more from some we took at the beach but my computer is being a pill and keeps erasing them for some reason.
And I am not patient enough to try and fix it, sorry!!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my Beautiful family!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

That time I went to SF and discovered I have road rage.

Remember I told you a while back that I was going to SF for a bridesmaid retreat??
Well I finally got the pictures uploaded. 

We stayed at Hula's Aunt's house which is right outside of SF, seriously, like 5 min from the Golden Gate bridge (which I drove over for the first time!!ahh!!)

We took a bunch of pictures on her porch which overlooked sf right before we headed out to the city.
I don't have any pictures of us actually out in the city because I am lazy and didn't want to lug my big camera around all night. 
I'm sure glad I didn't too because I probably would have ended up throwing it at someones head when they decided to drive like an idiot. 
I thought drivers in LA were bad, I was wrong!
SF drivers are terrible, horrible, inconsiderate....I'm sorry if you live there, but seriously I didn't know I could get so angry at other drivers until I drove through the city. 
I also decided I will never, ever, ever be driving in the city again.
I will have a chauffeur :)

Besides all the dumb drivers we had such a great time!
We went to a restaurant called the fondue cowboy and it was really, really good!
I definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area :)

Ok enough chit chat, here are the bridesmaids :) ....Oh and the Bride ;)

And I couldn't forget the Silly's ;)

And one more of the Beautiful Bride :)

Ps. Did you notice me not wearing heels? Or how extremely short my skirt was? I swear it looks shorter in pictures....I think I may have to retire it :( Or have my legs shortened or something so I don't look so scandalous :/
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