Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year's Resolutions and what not.

I've been thinking a lot about New years Resolutions lately, better late then never right? It's still January so I'm telling myself its ok. Besides when I gave up soda forever as a resolution a few years ago I haven't really done any. My little sister likes to make everyone around her feel bad about themselves (joking) because she always gives up some type of food or drink that actually challenges her, one year it was soda (she was my inspiration for my own soda detox) another it was candy, and this year?? Starbucks!! Like what do you even do with your life without Starbucks? Where do you meet with people? Where do you go to concentrate on work you cant get done at home because a loud Starbucks is always the best place for that. Luckily my sister lives in la which is saturated with uber cool places she can get coffee and instagram awesome photos of said places.
--- side note: anyone else now use instagram as a verb?? Just me?? ok cool.

Anyways, I remembered that last year I sort of had an unspoken resolution that I kept to myself. I remember chatting about it with one friend and then never really spoke to anyone about it again. I decided I was going to do more things, say yes to more things and try more things. Now usually I am not a fan of those types of vague resolutions like "I'm going to be a better person this year" or "I'm going to try and live a healthier lifestyle" blah, blah, blah, but are you actually going to take action and do things to try and live those out? Most of the time probably not. I'm not judging I just know if I make proclamations like that then that's usually where it ends, me proclaiming something but not actually ever doing anything about it. Last year was different for me though, without even realizing it I totally lived out my resolution.

First of all I went on a missions trip to another country with a bunch of strangers who are now great friends. That trip also led me to deciding to move to Ecuador for 5 months. I would say that those are new things for me that I decided to say yes to this past year. I was just much more open to doing and trying new things in 2014. I really want to continue this trend in my life this year, I don't want to come back from Ecuador in July and just go back to life as usual, I want to continue to try and do new things. I don't want life to happen to me, I want to make life happen.

I noticed a trend the last couple of years where people are picking a word to kind of stamp their year with, whether it was faith, or courage or whatever. So I decided I want my word for this year to be FEARLESS. When I chose to move to Ecuador it was a very daunting task, I had zero money to put towards it and needed to raise thousands of dollars within a few months to make it happen.  No matter how big of a task it seemed I had to choose to be fearless and step out in faith trusting that if this was for me then God would provide the way.
--spoiler alert! He totally did.
I want to continue this year being fearless, not allowing doubts and worry to make my decisions for me but letting trust and faith guide me.


If you had to pick a word to stamp your year with what would it be?? I would love to hear what words you would pick!

Ps. here's a fun game : count how many run-on sentences there are in this post!
Maybe improve my writing skills should be part of my new years resolution huh?? 
Eh, maybe next year ;)
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