Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just getting my bike riding on...

How is everyone doing??
I am doing fantastic since I am still enjoying my spring break over here.

oh sorry, I was just thinking about spring break again and how in love with it I am, even thinking about marrying it. You think I'm crazy? I read about a lady trying to Marry a building, and I'm pretty sure spring break is better then a building.

So on Tuesday I decided to work on one of my Resolutions for the year which was to ride my bike more, and some how a work out snuck in there too! 
The work out being me going uphill on my bike.
My bike doesn't have gears so yes it was a work out. 
I almost gave up and just walked my bike uphill because I was seriously dying trying to pedal but there were people around and my pride wouldn't let me quit. At least not in front of people, because later when there was no one around I pushed my bike uphill. We will just keep that between us though.

I actually remembered to grab my camera before we left to so I have proof I actually accomplished these things! Yay me!!

There are a lot of pictures but make sure you stay tuned until the very end of the post where there are pictures of my dad who decided it would be fun to run and ride his bike through the river at the park.

This is what my mom did while My dad and I walked down to the river.
My dad decided the best and most safe place for his keys and cell phone were indeed the grass.
Here come the photos you have been waiting for. Or probably not but you should still look at them.
My parents and I went through them and zoomed in on my dad's face in all of them and just sat there busting a gut. His face is just so intense trying to run through that river.
And because I want you guys to get a laugh too I cropped a couple of the best faces so you could also get an up close look at what I am talking about.

Battle wounds!

The end :)

ps. We met a very large dog while we were there.
Take a looksie!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Insomniacs Unite!

It is currently 5:33 am.

I have been awake since 4.
Not like sort of awake or half asleep, but can't even attempt to fall back asleep because I cant close my eyes awake. 

After an hour and half of that I just decided to get up grab some food and a powerade and sit at my computer and tell you about it. 

I feel like when people talk about being up all night they always have something profound to tell you.
I cant give you that.

I'm just tired.
Tired of being tired.

Any other insomniacs out there that feel me??

This whole only sleeping a few hours at night thing wouldn't be that terrible if I could actually survive off only a few hours of sleep but I cant.
I need my ZZZZZZ's!!

I get physically Ill when I don't sleep.
Like flu symptoms sick.
It's no bueno I tell you, No Bueno at all.

This may be TMI but just this Sunday at Easter I got so sick from no sleep that I ended up throwing up.
Sorry if that was gross but I warned you!

People have suggested I take medication to help me sleep but if you have been reading my blog for very long then you know I wrote a post specifically about my aversion to pills or medicine.
So that won't really work for me.

Do any of you reading this deal with Insomnia??
How do you deal with it?
I would like to know :)

I'm gonna go listen to a sermon now, might as well get some Jesus in me since I am up this early huh??
 I think so.


On the upside since I had all that time to lay in bed wide awake I decided what I would name a puppy if I got one. 
I only think of important things in the middle of the night ;)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Loves as of Late.

These are the things I am loving lately. Duh.

1.The Big Bang Theory
I actually watched this show when it first aired and thought it was hilarious but for some reason never kept watching it, but now they show reruns every night and I am addicted.

2. They have been showing Doris Day movies everyday all day for the past week on TCM.
Love her.

I suggest watching "The thrill of it all" its super cute!

3. This picture:

4. These Dove Caramel filled Chocolates.

Who needs a boyfriend when you can open a sweet piece of chocolate and have it tell you how gorgeous you are??

5. Spring Break.
Its pretty much rockin my socks off.
Partly because It's been to warm to wear socks....
 But Mainly because I don't have to wake up at 530 am everyday.
And I still have one more week off left :):):)

6. Texas Roadhouse opens in Fresno on April 16th.
Really close to my house.
Enough said.

Those were a few of my favorite of late.
They will probably change again in a few days.

Oh yeah and I am totally into Hot Cheetos again.
I feel like I am going back in time to 6th grade snack time whenever I eat them. 

Yum. Nostalgia tastes sooo good. 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catch up

I think we can all agree its been a while since I did a post about whats going on in my life. 
So here's a little catch up, bullet points style ;)

  • I am currently off of work for spring break for 2 weeks! Who knew you would still get spring break off when you no longer went to school?? Perks of being a nanny for a teacher yo ;)
  • All my siblings have been here at one time or another for a visit for the last month, all the way from S.Korea, New York, & Oklahoma. We like to spread far and wide...obviously.
  • My cousins had their Gender reveal party last week where we found out they are having a girl and naming her "Isa Marie" Bring on more tu-tu's and bows!
  • While Morgan was here we did a little photoshoot that was super fun!

  • I didn't get any sleep this past week because I was busy learning a dance to be apart of this.
  • Went to the midnight premiere of the Hunger games. Still undecided on my feelings about the movie. I'll get back to you on that.

If you read the books, you should understand our shirts...I hope.

K so not a whole lot has been going on in this little life of mine, although it seemed like i have been busy every minute of my life for the past couple weeks.

Planning on blogging on the reg now. Maybe.
We shall see.

I am kinda in love with the Hutch now.
And not just because he plays Peeta in the Hunger games (i dont really care for the blonde hair) 
I have been watching interviews of him and he is just stinkin adorable. 
We are also just gonna pretend he isn't 5 years younger then me k???

I messed up my blog layout somehow and now my header and pages are gone. If anyone feels the desire to design something for me I wouldn't stop you...Just saying.. ;)
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