Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Salvation mountain

I went and visited my sister in la this past weekend and we finally got to visit salvation mountain! We have been wanting to visit this place for years and finally had an entire day to drive the 3 1/2 hours there and back.
For those of you who dont know what salvation mountain is this is how the website describes it:
" Salvation Mountain is Leonard Knights tribute to God and his gift to the world with its simple yet powerful message: "God Is Love." Leonard's passion has lovingly created this brilliant "outsider art " masterpiece resplendent with not only biblical and religious scripture such as the Lord's Prayer, John 3:16, and the Sinner's Prayer, but also including flowers, trees, waterfalls, suns, bluebirds, and many other fascinating and colorful objects. Salvation Mountain must be seen to be fully appreciated as those who have made the journey will attest. Its 50 foot height and 150 foot breadth is made totally of local adobe clay and donated paint and is truly unique in the United States and probably the world. From its Sea of Galilee at the bottom, to the big red heart in the middle, to the cross at the very top, the reoccurring theme of "Love" is everywhere at Salvation Mountain." learn more at http://www.salvationmountain.us/

 Just like the website says it truly must be seen to be fully appreciated. We drove a total of about 7 hours that day to see this place and it was totally worth it. It's definitely not somewhere you might just pass by on your way to somewhere else, its way out in the middle of the desert.

We actually had to drive through a border patrol checkpoint on the way back to la because I guess we were pretty close to the Mexico border, who knew?!?

The whole place was a weird mix of dirt, clay and trees. It really looks like a Dr.Suess version the bible that came to life in the middle of the desert.

There were also all these random cars that were completely decked out with the theme of love all around the mountain.

We had a great time climbing and exploring the mountain, my only regret is that I wish I would have worn cooler clothes, Even though it was the end of November it was so hot in that desert. There is also this tiny little town that leads to salvation mountain, actually I don't know if it would even be considered a town it was so small. There was only one street called 'main street' go figure. It held a very interesting looking trailer park. Every business except for a liquor store was abandoned and partly destroyed. It was literally a one horse town. There was a guy who wore very little clothing and hung out doing push ups next to his horse, yep that's right, the one horse in the entire town.

If you have been thinking about visiting Salvation Mountain then I highly suggest you do, its one of those places you have to see to believe!

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