Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm ready for 2012! Are you?!?

 I'm not one to usually make a lot goals or resolutions each new year but I realized I feel like I am never accomplishing anything so I thought why not make some this year. I plan on keeping you updated throughout the year on how I am doing, which I think will also help me stick to these goals. So here they are :
  • Meet my husband. {What? Did I just say that?? Yup, sure did.}
  • Go another year without drinking soda.
  • Eat healthier. {A long shot.}
  • Ride my bike more then once the whole year.{you are free to think of me as the lamest person ever if I am not able to accomplish this}
  • Try and read 2 books a month. {At least one a month.}
  • Work out. {This was one of my goals last year, didn't make it to the gym once :/}
  • Try new restaurants.
  • Read my bible everyday. {not just try, but actually do it.}
  • Volunteer more.
  • Attempt at crafting things. {ha! another long shot but worth a try}
  • Pay off all of my debt.
  • Make time to learn more about photography, not just when I happen to have time.
  • Live more intentionally. {whatever that may happen to entail}
  • Be more daring with my wardrobe.
  • Get a Tattoo.
  • Make some big changes ;) {vague I know but already in progress}
So there you have it folks. Feel free to keep me accountable with all of these if you would like. Obviously some one is kind of out of my hands ;) but other then that I didn't put any on the list that were unreachable. I look forward to reading this post at the end of next year to see what all I accomplished.
Did you make any similar goals or resolutions?? 
Share them with me, I would love to hear what changes you are making for the new year!

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    So this happened on Christmas Eve...


    I have obviously been totally lagging in the blogging department this past week, but I am hoping these silly pictures will help you to forgive me :):):)

    I have so many things to blog about so over the next week or so I will be posting about my trip to meet lil Miss Kaley and all of my Christmas activities.

    Stay tuned for more silly pictures of my family and I ;)


    Monday, December 19, 2011


    If you don't watch Parks and Recreation then watch this video before reading the rest of this post so you will understand what I am referring to :)

    Ok, now that we are all on the same page I will let you in on what went down this weekend.
    Breanna called me on Friday night and said she had a long day at work and wanted to treat herself, so we decided it was "Treat yo' self!" weekend.
    And I made an uber fail and didn't really take many pictures of it :/
    So you will just have to use your imagination, something we don't do enough of these days i think.

    For dinner we decided to treat ourselves to a steak at Tahoe Joe's, Breanna even tacked on the trademark Treat yo self tag line to the end of her order, I would really like to know what the waitress thought of that.

    On Saturday we headed downtown to meet Breanna's co-worker for lunch at a very authentic Mexican restaurant. I thought I ordered enchiladas, but It didn't look anything like enchiladas I've ever seen, I was told it was because "it was so authentic"
    I did get a picture of the guy playing music to us while we ate though so you guys don't have to imagine that ;)
    I loved his little traveling amp lol.
    At one point he came and stood right next to our table and strummed away at his guitar, but I was just glad he didn't sing.

    Then later in the afternoon we ended up going shopping at forever 21 and was finally able to get a little bit of Christmas shopping done.
    I also treated myself to some nail polish while i was at too :)
    We finished off the night with dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and shut the place down.
    Yep we were those people that sat at our table for an obnoxious amount of time after we had already paid the bill :/

    Even though I didn't purchase any massages or fine leather goods I would consider "Treat yo' self" weekend a success.
    I ate out 3 times!
    Yeah, it was a success :)

    Anyone else have a hard day, week or month??
    Go "Treat yo' self"


    Ps. As you are reading this I am heading to the coast for a few days to finally meet my friends new baby girl! So excited!! So it will be quiet around here for a few days, but don't worry to much I will be back soon with lots of uber cute pictures :)

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    The weekend we got invited to hang out with an elderly lady :)

    Just in time for the weekend I am finally showing you all the pictures from last weekend.
    Say hello to the biggest procrastinator ever :)
    btw...there are a lot of pictures.
    You can just scroll through them really fast and pretend you looked at all of them, just don't tell me ;)

    we skyped our friend that is studying abroad in Italy while we made our way to our destination.
    The Beautiful wedding venue for my friend Hula.
    We were posing as the groomsmen, I like all of our different interpretations of how guys stand lol.
    The soon to be Mr. and Mrs.Kindberg
    some major fist pump action obvi.
    the entourage

    The ever present sorority squat :)
    the single ladies gotta stick together ;)
    The couples:)
    Engaged, Dating, Married and Expecting :)

    The boys had to have a photo shoot too ;)
    the famous gum alley

    After visiting the wedding venue we headed downtown and had lunch and coffee at the coolest coffee shop ever.
    We also had to stop by Gum alley and take some pictures, its really disgusting but so cool at the same time. I almost forgot where we were and leaned up against the wall, oopsies, thank God I caught myself, no telling how many germies are living in that alley.

    For dinner we went and checked out the restaurant that they are gonna be having the rehearsal dinner at, it was sooo pretty and fancy, we were so under dressed it wasn't even funny. We had to be really careful not to get to loud because we tend to be the loud obnoxious group of people everywhere we go, we just cant help it.

    At the end of the night we stopped by another coffee shop before heading home and met the sweetest old lady who was in her nineties. She was giving Hula and Brandon marriage advice because her and her husband had been married for 64 years. Its so nice to meet couples who have been married for so many years, its so rare these days.
    Her daughter that was with her thanked us for spending time and talking with her and that she really enjoyed it, how cute huh?
    Then as she was leaving she turned back around and asked what we were gonna do after we left the coffee shop because she wanted to invite all of us to come visit with her at her house.
    We were sorry to tell her we had to head back home because we lived 3 hours away.
    She was the sweetest lady ever. I am glad we got to meet her :)

    Overall this day was so much fun, wish we could do it every weekend :)

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    That time I went to look at christmas lights and someone got stabbed.

    You probably think I am kidding, but I'm not.

    On Tuesday Night I went out with my family and some friends to walk Christmas tree lane, which is usually a family friendly place where you walk down this long strip of houses who have went above and beyond with their Christmas decorations.
    Its like crazy packed with people though, because you can usually only drive through it but a few nights they open it up just for people to walk through.

    So this particular night someone totally got stabbed.
    Apparently gangsters also enjoy looking at Christmas lights because it was definitely a gang related stabbing.

    Did I also tell you I was almost in the middle of these gangsters fighting?
    Yeah, they decided to almost throw it down as we were walking by and I practically had to walk through them, luckily I found a way to kind of walk around them.
    They calmed down though before anything got crazy and separated ways and somehow a couple of them ended up walking right next to me as I loudly exclaimed how stupid gangsters are and how they think they look so tough when they really look like idiots.
    Lets all thank the Lord that I wasn't the one stabbed right then and there.

    After the almost gangster throw down, we just kept walking and then turned around at the end of the street.
    As we walked back, around the same spot where the almost fight happened we saw a guy laying on the ground surrounded by his friends.
    And guess what?
    Yep, he was one of the gangsters we saw earlier, and he was also stabbed.
    I wasn't really surprised, I could tell when I saw them earlier that they probably had weapons on them.
    Its sad that we have gotten so used to things like this that we just kept on walking like nothing had happened.
    I'm sure if i had been there with my kids like so many people were that I probably would have been a little more worried.

    The picture below was also taken after the stabbing, as you can tell I wasn't really worried, and was still able to have fun :)
    Who puts cows in their yard as Christmas decorations and doesn't expect someone to take a pic like this one??

    Anyone else have any scary Christmas stories to spill??

    Here's to hoping for a safe rest of the Holidays!


    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Santa Margarita Ranch

    Do you see that Beautiful barn in the first picture??
    My friend Hula is getting married there in February!
    Jealous yet? I know I am.

    On saturday a bunch of us drove to San Luis Obispo to check out the wedding venue so we could decide on exactly how Hula wanted to decorate it.
    These are just a few pics from the day, we also did a little mini photoshoot in front of the barn because well...look at the barn. Who wouldnt take a second to take some photos in front of it??

    I am pretty sure the girl who gave us a tour of the venue was pretty entertained by us. We practiced dancing into the reception and if she saw us doing our photoshoot then she was definatly entertained.

    And even though my hair is really bright and usually makes it so you can see me coming from a mile away I found it necassary to also wear bright yellow tights.
    You know, just in case they lost me or something.

    I will be back to show you some more pictures, and more stories :)
    So make sure you stop by again ;)
    See you next time!

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    And this Award goes to....


    Yeah you heard right. I got an award :) I think the last award I received was from my 7th grade cheer coach for MVP I think...something like that for still going to cheer practice and competitions even though I was really, really sick, like didn't attend school for a couple months sick.

    Anyways...before I lose your attention Kenli from With Love, Kenli gave me the Liebster Award :)
    And before I posted this I got another one from Sarah from Stars and Rainbows, Thanks so much girls!!

    They are so sweet, I didn't think my little blog deserved any awards but thanks!!!

    So, here's how it works:
    This award is given to blogs with less then 200 followers that you think deserve a little bit more recognition.
    Here are the rules:
    1) Show your thanks by linking the sweet person who nominated you.
    2) Leave links to 5 of your top blogs and leave a comment letting them know!
    3) Post the award on your blog.
    4) Enjoy the Love :)
    So here are my top 5 blogs :)


    Make sure and go check all these wonderful ladies out!!


    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    sneak peek ;)

    Today you will get a sneak peek of my room because I know you were all dying to see it right??
    Its really not that exciting though, I actually didn't even take these photos with the intention of showing you my room, they are just some pictures I happened to snap when I was playing with my new camera, and lucky you some of them came out good enough to show you.

    So now you can enjoy sorta/kinda seeing my bedroom that is probably very not exciting.
    Honesty is the best policy right??

    K this is actually a picture of my poorly painted nails, but my room is in the background...still counts right?!?!
    FYI: these were taken before I cleaned my room and did my laundry.
    Again not really a picture of my room, but aren't my socks cute?!? 
    This is what sits right next to my bed, you know, the necessities ;) 
    Magazines, nail polish & a cup of coffee :)
    My cases that hold Make-up, Jewelry and Hair accessories that I haven't found a place for yet so they just sit in front of my window, good thing they are pretty :)

    Well that's it folks.
    I know, I know, just kind of a teaser but My room is actually super lame. 
    I have zero pictures on the wall, and probably wont put any up.
    The only thing decorating my walls is my necklace and scarf hooks, again not the most exciting thing.

    In any case, I hope you all enjoyed my not so fabulous bedroom sneak peek ;)

    Until next time,

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Behind the scenes.

    Before we show you the pictures we took for the portfolio I mentioned that we photographed I thought I would show you a few behind the scenes shots :)
    Enjoy :)

    And there may or may not be a few self portraits that snuck in there somewhere...not really sure how that happened ;)

    Sorry for so many pictures but we have never been able to take any pictures of us taking pictures so we kinda took a lot.. and this wasn't even all of them :/

    This shoot was really fun because not only did we get to photograph some gorgeous people we also got to get our hair and Make-up done and jump in front of the camera too :)
     I cant wait to show you the pictures we got, they are Beautiful :):)

    On a different note the only time I ever wish that I was really tall is when I am photographing, did you notice the awkward stance I had to have the poor guy stand in??
    I am thinking I should start wearing platforms when I photograph so people don't have to uncomfortably bend down for me. But then I would probably fall and then break my camera and that just wouldn't be good either. Nah, Ill just make people keep getting low ;)

    Can we also discuss how unattractive those jeans look on me??
    Those happen to be my favorite jeans that fit me the best too, which I am now realizing is very very sad because all my other jeans must just look horrendous on me.
    I think I might be going shopping for some good fitting jeans pretty soon.
    Anyone have any ideas where??
    Help me out people! Don't let me walk around looking like that anymore!
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