Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flashback Tuesday Numero Dos.

I am linking up again today for flash back Tuesday!

Mary in Marriedland

Today I am going waaayyy back.
Prepare yourself.

Do you see those eyes???
Of course you do! They are half the size of my face!
I had huge eyes, a wrinkly forehead and an was extremely bald, which is the reason I'm guessing my mom stuck this flattering bonnet on my head.
When I was born my Aunt told my mom I looked like E.T. 
Then my mom cried. Which I think is totally justified.
I would cry if my baby looked like this too.

Took me a while to grow into those eyes, I remember being called bug eyes in elementary school.
At 24, I'm pretty sure I have finally grown into them. 
at least I hope so.

Anybody else out there that wasn't super adorable as a baby?

Friday, January 27, 2012

The day we went to the lake and it was empty.

While My sister was here visiting during Christmas we decided to take a trip to the lake one afternoon and have lunch.
When we got there though the lake was gone.
K, not the ENTIRE lake, but it was extremely low.
There were a bunch of boats just out sitting in sand, slides leading to sand, docks in sand....I think you get it right??
It was just weird, you expect to drive up and see a big beautiful lake and end up driving up to a small sad pond.
We took advantage of the super low lake and took a bunch of pictures of each other standing in the "lake" The pictures of us on the tree stump would have been pictures of us drowning if the lake had been full to its normal capacity.
Don't mind some of the twilight-ish photos of me. I didn't do it on purpose. There was a forest behind me, I'm pale and was wearing red lipstick, it was bound to happen.
Think they need a last minute vamp for Breaking Dawn part 2???

There are a lot more photos but I will save them for another post :)
My mom and dad were there too so they may make an appearance...pretending to smoke cigars out of large sticks.
And we wonder where I get my silliness from??
I don't.
Its true when they say the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree friends.

Speaking of my Parents, they totally celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this week.
So I may do a post about that because I may have taken some anniversary photos of them.

Anyways, Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I am off to my 3rd bridal shower!
No, not actually mine, that's just silly.
Remember Hula??
Yeah she is getting married in 31 days. So she be having lots of bridal showers yo! {sorry, sometimes I think I am ghetto, if you saw where I grew up you would understand}

K for realio, I'm out!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flashback Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Mary from Mary in Marriedland for Flashback tuesday!

Mary in Marriedland 
 Sorry for the poor quality of the photo...lets just call it vintage ;)

I posted this photo on my instagram for my childhood memories as part of the janphota a day challenge.

This is my favorite photo ever from my chidhood. 
My cousin Stephanie is the one eating and I am the one staring at her like she is an alien from another planet.
I would really like to know what was going through my head as i sat there.
Since I cant remember that far back I guess we will never know!
Hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of my childhood :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Years Part two!

Just because I know you were all dying to see how the rest of my new years went I decided to go ahead and show you :)

Arent you lucky??
Zip finally made it to the party!
no words.
We get very excited about bacon wrapped anything.
The Jamie's!
The Parkers!
Married, Dating and Engaged!
The Single girls gotta stick together!
I cant figure out why we dont have boyfriends...
Coming summer of 2012....Baby Parker!!
Boys will be boys.

This new year's ended up being really fun! We left with a messy kitchen and Extremely full bellies!
Dont worry we came back the next day and cleaned up, we aren't those kind of friends ;)

Things will be a lot different come next new years eve, another couple will be married, and there will be a new baby in town!!
So excited!

Hope everyone else had as much fun on new years as I did!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That time we thought we turned into Power Rangers because we wore sequin headbands.

I got some sweet sequined headbands in my stocking, so on NYE we put them to good use.

Apparently we thought they turned us into the Power Rangers...Because you know they wear sequin headbands now right??

Have a laugh at our expense.

And just as quick as we turned into sparkly "Power Rangers" We turned normal again.

That is until the next time we slip those headbands on again.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheers to a new year! Part one.

Warning: This post is very picture heavy.

Thought I would get around to showing what I was up to on New Year's Eve. I can tell you one thing I wasn't up to was watching Justin Bieber perform. Still sad about that.
Anyway, our NYE was basically all about food. We made enough to feed an army. We just cooked and ate all night long.
No Joke.
That's all we did.
Fun times are always had around food though right??
They are with my friends anyways.
Look at them and their cute aprons. I didn't get to be in the picture because I don't cook enough to even own an apron. I usually don't make a big mess when I make my cereal. 
Just hard at work cuttin up some string chz.
I believe this is right before the boys were kicked out of the kitchen.
Pretty sure I ate an entire plate of these.
home made spinach dip that I had no part in cooking.....just eating.
And this is what the boys did most of the night.Which is Played some shooting game on the xbox . Can you tell I am totally not a gamer??
We were very excited about all the Bacon.
I got bored because I wasn't allowed to handle anything but boiling water. Aren't my tights cute though??
She was very excited that her pizza dip came out so delicious...She is getting married in February so she's gotta practice the whole housewife thing.
Whats better then pizza in a dip form???
Boys enjoying our food we the other girls worked hard on.
Super delicious things with chicken and Garlic in them. Garlic is always a win. Always.
She also made these! So proud.
We used team work to put these sandwiches together, which were a big hit!
Brandon's Salsa a la delish. He may not be able to cook pasta but he makes a mean bowl of Salsa.
The "almost newlyweds".
We be poppin bottles...jk only Lympy was.
Lympy and Breanna. Just in Case you were wondering Breanna was the Nazi head chef in the kitchen that every night.
The Girls minus Zip :( She was still at work. We didn't coordinate our outfits either, we are just that good.
We were very proud of all the food we made. Except when we had to clean it all up :/
notice how I'm the only one not eating my plate of food nice and cute. Yeah, I don't do nice and cute.
Caught! Or I may have posed...You will never know.
Well I think that is enough NYE for one post dontchya think??
I think so.
I will be back to show you how the rest of our night went.
I can tell you that it didn't end on an empty stomach though.

Until next time,

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