Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bachlorette Ep. 2 recap! Were these guys on a date with Emily or the Muppets??

So hopefully I have some reality show fans that read this blog, if not you might as well stop reading this post right about now.

Today I am talking about the train wreck of a show that we call the Bachlorette. If this show had only continued airing based on success rates they probably would have cancelled it after the first few seasons. 

I used to watch this show when It was first introduced back in 2002 (why I was watching this at 15 idk) but stopped and just got back into it about 4 seasons ago and have been watching faithfully ever since. 

I always love reading what other people's commentary about this show, so last night during the 2nd episode I took some notes about what I thought while watching.

In the form of bullet points for your easy reading ;)

  • First of all, Does anyone else think Chris looks like he could be Chris Harrison's younger brother??? Please Tell me I'm not the only one. 
  • So Ryan got the first one on one date and was waiting for a private plane to pick them up but instead it was Emily's Tahoe full of groceries. I thought the date was a great idea though, they need more real life dates on these shows, maybe then some of these relationships might actually work out. (probably not though)
  • Can we all agree that the Muppets pretty much stole the entire episode?? I was convinced there for a while that all these guys were more excited to perform with the muppets then actually be on a date with Emily. 
  • Charlie = Adorable. If he became the next Bachelor I would actually consider auditioning for the next season. Also, I would have never known he had a speech impediment. Such a cute guy.
  • Jef. What to say about Jef? This guy is also really adorable. He comes off super confident but you can tell he gets sooo nervous around Emily, and you can tell Emily is Smitten by him already, I think he is gonna make it pretty far in the show. 
  • When Aaron stole Emily from Kalon on the group date Kalon looked like he was going to murder Aaron with his eyes, it was pretty dramatic and made for some good laughs in my house. 
  • Joe got the other one on one date. I thought it was funny when Emily was about to break his heart and told him that she had a great time on the date though and he said "Really?!?!" like he was even surprised she had a good time. And did anyone else notice he didnt even hug her on his way out. I dont think he was trying to be a jerk though, I think he was just nervous.
  • Oh Tony. Poor guy. Seriously I cant believe he stood there the entire time and listened to Emily read that novel that Ryan gave her just to get some alone time with her. And I liked Ryan but I thought that was kind of a jerk move to make Emily read his letter out loud while Tony was standing there waiting to talk to Emily. And what could he have possibly filled up 7 pages with?? They guy had only just met her and had one date with her!
  • When it came time to pass out the roses I was really surprised that John, Alesandro and Alejandro got roses. I don't think I ever even saw her interact with them! and the only time I noticed John was when he was making rude comments about the other guys. If I was the Bachlorette Alesandro would have been sent home the first night for that tan. Alejandro seemed nice enough but I just don't get it. 
  • Then it came down to Aaron, Stevie & the other guy who obviously didn't make a very big impression on me because I don't remember his name. Before she gave the last rose out I yelled "If she picks Stevie I'm gonna vomit!!"
  • She picked Stevie. How could she resist Aaron with his super cute nerdy glasses??? btw they say he is 36 but to me he looks maybe 28. You missed out on some good genes Emily. 

I know I kind of wrote a lot but at least I didn't give you minute to minute updates like some people do. 
Do you watch the Bachlorette? What do you think of this season?
Please share!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

We all knew I was talking about the Avengers right??

So last night I 3rd wheeled it to the movies to see the Avengers with my married friends. Yep, I ain't ashamed to 3rd wheel it, I do it quite often actually, I 5th wheel it too and occasionally even 7th wheel it sometimes. Its just how I roll. 
Hula and Brandon who so nicely invited me to 3rd wheel it with them.

The Jamie's!

Anywho....the movie was awesome!! 
I have never really been into action or superhero movies. I even uttered the words "I really don't like the Dark Knight" in the theater and immediately ducked for fear of being stoned (I know lots of people who would strongly disagree with me)
 I loved Captain America and Thor though so I was pretty sure I would love this one too. 
 Its the perfect combination of action and comedy.
I really need to go watch the Iron man movies now though because I think he might be my favorite, I loved his sarcasm! If he was a real person I'm pretty sure we would be friends. 

Also I could not believe how packed the theater was at 10pm on a Sunday night or the fact that I was out and seeing a movie at 10pm on Sunday night. Apparently I think I'm some kind of party animal now. 

So with all that said you should go see the movie if you haven't yet.

And now  I will leave you with our immediate reactions after the movie was over ( I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried) :

"That movie was awesome!! If anyone says anything negative about this movie I will punch them in the face!!"-Brandon

"Bow and Arrows are really in right now, Its like replacing Bacon."-Hula

"I bet Captain America would be really good at Frisbee."-Me

Ps. I really want to take archery lessons now. 
P.p.s. To the guy who laughed and clapped every time something bad would happen to the good guys, I would like to meet with you after I learn how to shoot my bow and arrow and see if your still laughing :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy girls are the prettiest girls.

Oh hey there!

I've been in denial the past couple weeks that spring break has ended, but with all the bridal and baby shower planning I have been doing, I think I have finally snapped back into reality!

I did want to share one more thing I did during my spring break though, are you tired of hearing about it yet??
To bad.

My friend Debbie, who I used to work for is a Foster mom and I babysit for her a lot.
If you know me at all then you know I have an extra special place in my heart for kids in foster care.
I wish I could buy a huge house and take in a bunch of foster kids to love on. 
Unfortunately I am not in the position to do that so until then I Love on other people's kids :)
'Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much...'-Luke 16:10

Imani is Debbie's Oldest and one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. 
We had spring break the same week so I asked Debbie if I could steal her for the day.

We started the day out by going to my favorite breakfast joint and filled up on coffee and hot chocolate :)
(Don't worry, I fed her real food too ;) )

Then we spent the rest of the day shopping!!
Are you surprised?
I was able to take her on her first trip to forever 21!!

I'm pretty sure your first shopping trip to forever 21 is pretty monumental moment in a 7th grade girls life.

I kept losing track of her because she kept getting distracted and darting from one clothing rack to the next, which is understandable, that place can be a bit overwhelming. 

I had so much fun with this precious girl, cant wait for summer because I will for sure be planning many more days like this one.


Ps. She totally bought a beanie at forever because she wanted one just like mine ;)
It made my heart happy she wanted to be like me :) Even if it is just because of my awesome beanie ;)

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