Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sun Kissed Saturdays.

My sister wanted me to do a photoshoot of her today, but she woke up with bad hair, so we hit the pool instead.

 My sister and her bad hair.

 I promise I am wearing a bathing suit.

Later in the afternoon the day took a different turn. I decided to get my nose pierced...for the 3rd time. Yes, the 3rd time. I didnt have any luck the first two times and they fell out, maybe 3rd times a charm?? Cross your fingers with me peeps, I aint doing this again.

This is the Lady that Pierced me. She basically looks like my grandma but with a bunch of Tats and piercings. She is awesome, and super sweet. I read her bio online on their shop website and she is retired from the airforce and the Fresno police dept. She basically rocks.

 I am staring at the needle wondering if I really want to go through with this again. But I had already paid sooo.....

Oh and no. Thats not blood. Its iodine? I think.
 And the deed is done. No going back. I officially have another hole in my face.
 Excited that the painful part is over. Can you see the one tear getting ready to fall from my eye? Every single time...
 I'm so happy that my nose is pierced again :) Not to happy that I am supposed to wait 4 months until I change it. I wonder if thats really what you are supposed to do or if its just a suggestion...hmm......

And last but not least....

 My Lovely friend Megan aka Zip (I only call her zip) who went with me to get my nose pierced and even went to church together :)

 She is the one who snapped all of the pics of me getting my nose pierced, so you can thank her for that :) Even if you didnt want to see it ;)

I had a great saturday and ended up with one extra hole in my face, sun-kissed skin, and a great word from Pastor Nick.

How was your saturday?? Let me know what you did :)

Ps. I didnt mention Zip and I went to lunch at chic-fil-a and there was a worker boy there who was just a wee to friendly for my liking. He came to our table 4 times you guys! Seriously, we are two girls trying to catch up at lunch, trust me, we can handle our nuggets and sweet tea ourselves thank you very much.


Superficial Sanctuary said...

Found you on 20Something and your site is great...looking forward to more as a new follower :) and OUCH on three nose piercings...needles and me do not go together very well!

Megan said...

Super fun times! I love our pictures together too :)

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