Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Recap :)

Welcome to last weekend :)

We started out shopping at the Del Amo shopping center, where we found lots of goodies.

I even found a hat that fit my head! You don't know how rare that is people, I have a huge head, and not because of all the compliments i get either ;) haha jk!...But I do really have a huge head.

In between all of the shopping we had to stop for lunch (shout out to Frankie who slipped us some money for lunch and sent us off with a great breakfast w/plenty of Bacon)

By the time we decided to eat we were famished. 
We didn't even care at that point where we were eating so we headed to BJ's because we knew we liked it, and on the way there we noticed this interesting eatery called "Stacked"
 This place was soooo cool! You ordered on Ipads! There was one on every table, so there were no waiters, you just send your order to the kitchen and someone brings it out. And the ipad made it so easy to specify your order to your liking.

When they told us that there were no waiters and just ipads, we were like what!? You don't have to interact with people?? Where do we sit?!?

We took advantage of the time while we waited for our food (which wasn't very long) to take some pictures.
[Breanna using the handy dandy quick pod, which is basically your own personal paparazzi]
We also decided we should open up our own version of this place in Fresno and call it "Piled"
What do you think? Would you come eat there???

After a full and fabulous day of shopping Frankie and Noni wanted to treat us to Chinese for working so hard all day going from store to store ;)
Things started out pretty normal....
Then just got weird. Or we got Delirious.
And somehow we turned into walrus's...
Hula wanted to join in but kinda failed.
And then I failed.
And finally success. Sort of.

A little girl at the next table wanted to be just like us and grabbed her chopsticks and attempted the walrus and immediately got shut down by her parents. They obviously didn't have a very good sense of humor. Poor girl is being raised by un-funny parents, such a shame.

[This is how we attempt to let the air out of an air mattress, there was a lot of jumping involved.]

Then we tried to imitate this photo from last year when we stayed with Frankie and Noni:
And this is what we got:
Don't mind my awkward leaning tower pose.

On sunday we spent the afternoon at the Spectrum shopping center.
I loved it! It was so nice and had such great stores to shop at. There was even a Ferris wheel and a carousal!

And since we had lunch the day before at a super high tech place we decided to kick back and eat at Ruby's Diner :)

So there you have it folks, My weekend was a blasty-blast! I cant say that this weekend will be as fun because we decided to have a deep clean our apartment this weekend, and cleaning just isn't fun my friends. Hopefully we can squeeze a few laughs and awkward pictures in there for good measure. And don't worry I will be sure to show you ;)

Ps. I'm not sure how this happened since Hula is the one getting married and I am the one that is very, very single but we somehow planned the theme of my wedding on the drive to la. Lets just say you will definitely want to be invited, it is gonna be EPIC ;)

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