Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday funny girl: Amy Poehler

I love this lady so much.
She really stole my comedy loving heart in her role in "Baby Mama"
(side note: if you haven't seen baby mama stop reading this and go watch it. Or I can just recite the movie from beginning to end for you since I've seen it about a million times. And I'm only slightly exaggerating. My roommate and I used to watch it twice every night before we went to bed. twice people.)

So if you don't know anything about her let me give you a little history lesson on this funny lady.
She was a cast member on SNL from 2001-2009 and we know you have to be funny to be on that show right??
She also played the crazy mom on mean girls with Tina Fey, who she starred in baby mama with also.
She's been in other movies but I think we can all agree those are the best ones.

And now she stars in one of my favorite shows Parks and Rec that I am so glad they decided to bring back after initially cancelling it.

Things that make me sad about Amy:

-Her and her funny husband Will Arnett are getting a divorce *tear. I was really sad to hear this, they seemed like the perfect pair. Which I know seems crazy because that does not exist in Hollywood, but still. How can 2 funny people go wrong????

-Her and Tina Fey hosted the golden globes earlier this year. Not sad about that but I am sad about the fact that they were not on stage near as much as they should have been. Like why did anyone else even need to present awards?? Just let them present all of them! I really thought it was gonna be like another baby mama but in really fancy dresses, and I was sad when It was not.

She  also appeared in the best buy commercial that was released during the super bowl that I found Hilarious.
Just watch.

"Can I use these with my phone so I can look dope while I call my peeps??"
"What is the cloud?? Where is the cloud?? Are we in the cloud?!?!"
Can I be honest? A lot of those questions she asked I actually wonder myself sometimes :/

So there you have it.
Amy Poehler is one funny lady.
Don't believe me?
Go watch her movies and tv show.
I think you will change your mind.


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