Friday, April 10, 2015

Pixel Campaign.

On Easter Sunday we spent the morning/afternoon in the historical district doing our pixel campaign.
We partner with the catholic church there and they let us use the side of their building which is an alley way that a lot of people walk through. We stopped people and asked them if they would like to participate in our art campaign. 

We had little black sheets of paper and we asked people if they would like to write down something they would like to be forgiven for or something that they want to forgive someone else for. We explained we would stick the papers up on the wall which would eventually turn into the face of Jesus.

It was really neat to see the different reactions we received from people. Some people wanted to just stop and watch what was happening and when we asked them if they wanted to participate ended up walking away and wanted nothing to do with it. While other people opened up to members of our team and shared some very heavy stuff with them. We had the opportunity to pray for many people that day too. 

I love all the different campaigns we have the opportunity to do while we are here.You never talk to the same people at the campaigns so even if we do the same campaign a couple times its always a different experience. This weekend we will be doing a campaign called 'Let Go' which is one I have never done before so I am very excited about it and cant wait to share :)

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