Friday, March 8, 2013

Pretty Pictures & some Sweetie Brown.

Where else can I unashamedly post several pictures of myself and my sister other then my blog??
No where.
So lucky you ;)

We like to occasionally go out and take pictures of ourselves in new spots as sort of a trial run to take other people's pictures there. I have to admit that my sister takes really great photos and she gets mad because she feels like the ones I take of her aren't as good. Why? because you guys she is 6 feet tall! I am only like 5'7 and photographing super tall people is kind of hard without a step stool or ladder and I always, always forget to bring one with us. I still think her pictures are super cute though, you should tell her how cute they are too :)

{My sister thinks I look like Kacie B. from the Bachelor in these we agree??}

{obviously there was no need to use the arrows to point out our tattoo's, I just like arrows so get over it k??}

There were a lot more pictures but let's be honest...

uploading them all that is.
Gosh. I love me a sweetie brown meme.
Later Alligator's,

1 comment:

lesslie said...

i freaking LOVE that lady!!!! there are so many funny ones. i feel like posting them w this comment but don't know how..

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